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English Books

Extraordinary Healing

FORMAT: 146 pages
AUTEUR: L. Stephen Coles
ISBN: 978-1-893910-89-8

How the discoveries of Mirko Beljanski, the worldÕs first green molecular biologist, can protect and restore your health.

This book documents the extraordinary story of French researcher Mirko Beljanski, known as the father of environmental medicine. BeljanskiÕs discovery of destabilized DNA and the specific plant molecules that can help restore DNA to a healthy state and stop pathological cells from replicating have led to many miraculous cures and prolonged survival for thousands of cancer patients, including French President Francois Mitterrand. Previously well-known only in France, BeljanskiÕs protocols are now gaining popularity in the U.S. and are being used by scientists at Columbia University. L. Stephen Coles, M.D., Ph.D., an expert on supercentenarians Ñ people who live beyond the age of 110 Ñ gives an insightful account of the revolutionary approach to prevention and support pioneered by Beljanski, who spent thirty years at the prestigious Pasteur Institute in Paris. A compelling tale of a courageous and brilliant researcher, Extraordinary Healing illuminates the promise of specific, natural plant molecules in the restoration and protection of cellular health. It is a must-read for anyone in the field of cancer research.

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Natural Cancer Cures

FORMAT: 240 pages
AUTEURS: Health Experts for Healthy Living Magazine


The Definitive Guide to Using Dietary Supplements to Fight and Prevent Cancer Published in 2008 by Freedom Press, this book delves into the multitude of supplements and natural cures that have had success fighting cancer. Two chapters are dedicated to the supplements developed by Mirko Beljanski: Prostabel¨ (a proprietary blend of Pao pereira and Rauwolfia vomitoria) as well as the special RNA fragments formula for immunity (RealBuild¨).

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DNA Replication

FORMAT: 189 pages
AUTEURS: Mirko Beljanski

The Beljanski Approach to Cellular Health.

The Secret to Long Life in Your DNA presents the work of Mirko Beljanski, whose innovative research on DNA led to the discovery of new treatments for cancer and other degenerative diseases. The Beljanski method fights disease by targeting damaged or destabilized DNA in the body, allowing cells with healthy DNA to thrive. Beljanski, with his wife Monique, went on to develop natural compounds that enhance the bodyÕs resistance not only to degenerative diseases but also to the effects of environmental toxicity and the ravages of aging. In this book, the authors build on Mirko BeljanskiÕs work to demonstrate how physiological and environmental factors both weaken the bodyÕs immune system and alter DNA functioning. They explain how aging exacerbates these effects, leading to cancer and other diseases. The authors then present the innovative compounds Beljanski developed and how they are able to prevent dysfunctional cells from multiplying. They also detail how to integrate essential nutritional strategies for maximizing health and fighting aging at the cellular level. About the Author(s) of The Secret to Long Life in Your DNA: HervŽ Janecek, Ph.D., is the director of a biology laboratory and a clinician who specializes in nutrition, organotherapy, phytotherapy, and traditional Chinese medicine and how these therapeutic strategies can be applied to degenerative disorders and preventive medicine. Monique Beljanski, widow and collaborator of the late Mirko Beljanski (1923-1998).

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Livres en Franais

FORMAT: 144 pages
AUTEURS: Mirko &
Monique Beljanski

ISBN: 9-78284445-891-9

Un petit livre trs utile

Ecrit par le Docteur Marcowith et le Docteur Janecek, ce petit ouvrage concis, contient des informations scientifiques et pratiques relatives aux travaux de Mirko Beljanski, en particulier sur la dŽstabilisation de lÕADN, toute premire Žtape de la cancŽrogense. Qu'il soit scientifique, mŽdecin, malade, ou simple esprit curieux, chacun trouvera son compte dans l'exposŽ thŽorique des recherches, dans les suggestions de posologies et dans d'Žmouvants tŽmoignages de vies sauvŽes.

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Mirko, Beljanski, CIRIS, EVI

FORMAT: 351 pages
AUTEUR: Monique Beljanski

DŽsinformation - scandales financiers - imposture scientifique

PubliŽ aux Žditions TrŽdaniel par Monique Beljanski au lendemain du dŽcs de son mari dans des conditions qui devraient tre la honte dÕune dŽmocratie, ce livre retrace la mise ˆ mort mŽdiatique, fiscale et judiciaire dÕun chercheur qui dŽrangeait.

Ce livre est toujours disponible aux Žditions TrŽdaniel ˆ Paris. EVI Liberty Corp. dispose encore dÕun petit stock dÕune Ždition prŽcŽdente ne comportant pas, contrairement aux Žditions TrŽdaniel, le rŽsultat des procs, notamment celui auprs de la Cour Internationale des Droits de lÕhomme.

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FORMAT: 320 pages
AUTEUR: Monique et Mirko Beljanski
Quatrième édition augmentée

ISBN: 2-84445-487-9


Un livre utile dont la lecture peut sauver des vies. Monique et Mirko Beljanski exposent, dans la SantŽ confisquŽe, les rŽsultats positifs quÕils ont pu obtenir, gr‰ce ˆ leurs dŽcouvertes, dans le traitement du cancer et du sida. Ils mettent lÕaccent sur les difficultŽs quÕils ont rencontrŽes dans leur vie de chercheurs car les thŽories de Mirko Beljanski Žbranlaient certains dogmes scientifiques majeurs de lՎpoque. Ils sÕinterrogent sur le danger actuel pour la science dՐtre trop liŽe au secteur pharmaceutique et sur les dangers que le pouvoir de lÕargent fait peser sur lՎthique scientifique. Cet ouvrage a eu, ds sa sortie en 1989, un important succs et nÕa jamais ŽtŽ contestŽ.

EVI Liberty Corp. dispose encore dÕun petit stock de la 4me Ždition augmentŽe.

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Libros en Espa–ol

Medicina Holistica

FORMAT: 402 pages
AUTEUR: Medicinas Complementarias N70
Alfredo Embid

ISBN: 84-88346-47-6

de lÕAsociaci—n de Medicinas Complementarias (AMC), Madrid

En este libro usted podr‡ descubrir un dossier sobre el Dr.Mirko Beljanski Este dossier es un reconocimiento y un homenaje a su importante trabajo para mejorar la salud de la humanidad y para ayudarnos a comprender los ’ntimos mecanismo de la vida y los factores que nos enferman.

Prix HT :38 US $
Taxe : 3.33 US $
Frais dÕexpŽdition : 7 US $

Vous pourrez Žgalement retrouver plus d'informations sur Mirko Beljanski
en vous rendant sur le site internet : www.natural-source.com ou sur le site de la fondation Beljanski : www.beljanski.com